Why do you dance?

DB: "So that I can fly."

Danica Bito

dances with momentum. This power was bestowed unto her by Marlo Martin, and has since amplified under the teachings of Michele Miller. Her weekly life delves into the magic of AJnC, Catapult Dance, and take3 Dance Project. Since 2011 Danica has danced for Alicia Mullikin, Markeith Wiley, KT Niehoff, Kaitlin McCarthy, Maya Soto, and many others. Danica and her sister, Ilona Bito, co-produce Sisters Show, a bi-coastal platform to bridge their Seattle and New York dance communities.  Danica's magic culminates when she teaches at Exitspace School of Dance, grounds herself in Tai-chi and Kung Fu at Seattle Sil Lum, and smiles at a small child.