About the Performance

Catapult Dance premiered its first evening-length work, HOMELAND.

The performances took place at the Erickson Theater

in Capitol Hill, September 26-28, 2019 at 8 pm,

and September 29, 2019, at 5 pm. The company of nine

performers/collaborators consist of dancers Rebecca Barney,
Rebecca Blackwell, Danica Bito, Hannah Cavallaro, Maia Durfee,

Kim Holloway, Emma Hreljanovic, Jana Kincl, Maya Tacon and

musician Kate Olson, who created the score for the work. They are
joined for this performance by apprentices Gia Falzone,

Tyra Kopf and Hannah Reitsma.

                  Erickson Theater on Capitol Hill,

                     September 26-29th, 2019

About the Program

This program is an exploration of boundaries: personal, emotional, social. Using interconnected vignettes, each section addresses unique aspects of the idea of humans and barriers. Each section might stand alone as a single work, but the whole of them build a common vision, much like a book of short stories. Through this work we hope to spur conversations about the ways in which we chose to divide ourselves, creating smaller and smaller communities of like-minded people, restricting our ability to see our shared humanity. Our goal is to open up the possibility for change in each individual that attends the concert. The construction of barriers to keep people out or in is as ancient as human civilization. Only the people have changed. Ancient walls were built for defensive purposes, to keep danger out.

The Berlin Wall was the first to keep people in. Now we have gated communities, fenced yards, and hedges around our homes delineating our property, offering us a false sense of security. We make artificial divisions everywhere. Our minds naturally divide the world into me and not me, us and them. Facing a common danger makes us feel community. Knowing who we are makes us feel secure. Once we label someone, we don’t bother to look more closely and we lose our chance to see how much of our basic humanness we share.

Using dense foam blocks cut to look like concrete building blocks, we shape and define the performance space for each section. Working collaboratively, Catapult’s performers use physical research, story-telling, and dance to create and relate our visions in a non-linear fashion, leaving an open space for the audience to fill with their own thoughts, impressions and personal history.

Catapult Dance is powered by ShunPike.