"It was like a dope slap upside the head, full of anger, fear and some very strong dancing." 

                                                                                  - Marci Sillman on “I AM the Bully”

I AM The Bully


I AM the Bully (premier) investigates the psychology behind bullies in an emotionally intense examination of power, defeat and the resilience of human nature. Parent Coach Sara Cole advised on the psychology of bullies during the rehearsal process, sharing information about the creation of bullies sociologically and their shift away from this behavior, allowing for a dance that is entertaining and visually stimulating, while making a social comment on a pressing issue of our day. Nico Tower (composer) performs the music of I AM the Bully live on stage.

​Modus Operandi / Seattle, WA / 2014

Boost Dance Festival / Seattle, WA / 2014


Cornish Dance Theater / Seattle, WA / 2014

Shift Studios / Seattle, WA / 2014