Hannah Cavallaro graduated

Summa Cum Laude from Cornish

College of the Arts with a Bachelor’s

of Fine Arts in Dance in May 2018. She

spent five years as a principal dancer

and rehearsal director for FresNO 

dance COllective under the direction

of Amy Querin. She has had the

pleasure of working with Alice Gosti,

Danielle Agami, Robert Moses, Ethan

Rome, Hilary Palanza, Bruce McCormick,

Wade Madsen, Karen Baskett, Tanya Chianese,

Deb Wolf and many more.  She has performed and choreographed for festivals throughout the country and is a certified Pilates instructor. Hannah is honored to be working with Michele Miller/Catapult Dance.

Where is a place you enjoy arriving?

HC "There is a cabin in Big Sur, CA that has been in my best friends family for generations.  There is nowhere in the world (that I’ve explored yet) that feels so special to me.  You turn onto a tree lined road from a highway keeping time with the Pacific Ocean and know you’re in the right place.  The ferns, the redwoods, the creek, the years of memories and the deep history fill my soul until I am able to visit again."

Hannah Cavallaro