Nico Tower is an intermedia artist. Over the past fifteen years, she has released ten albums, and presented her original works in more than 40 cities. Educated in multimedia design, she has worked extensively in graphics, photography and video. Most recently, she has worked in dance and installation. She is a former collegiate soccer player and youth soccer coach, as well as a student of Chinese martial arts. 

Nico Tower

Currently, she works as a composer, accompanist, performer, designer, and educator. She teaches various instruments both privately and through youth programs in addition to instructing music at Seattle Waldorf High School. As a designer, she provides photography, web and instructional design for non-profits and independent business. She collaborates and performs with several of Seattle's contemporary dance entities, and has scored works featured in various prominent Northwest festivals and venues.  Other recent collaborations include works with choreographers Michele Miller//Catapult Dance (SEA), Maya Soto (SEA), Martin Piliponski (ARG), Viko Hernandez (MEX), and Elia Mrak (SEA), Shannon Stewart (SEA), Victoria Jacobs (SEA), Anna Conner (SEA), Theresa Elliot (SEA), and Alana O. Rogers (SEA).  

In an intersection between her interests in music, education, and movement, she works in Seattle's Dance community as a class accompanist. She plays for programs including Dance for Parkinson's, Path with Art, and the Cornish College of the Arts Dance Department. She has accompanied instructors such as Michele Miller, Maya Soto, Corrie Befort, Mary Margaret Moore, Shannon Stewart, Wade Madsen, Deb Wolfe, Alice Gosti, Matt Drews, Etienne Capko, Dora Oliveras, and Shawn Roberts.

Her evening length multimedia interactive show with collaborator Maya Soto premiered last fall, and received rave reviews. Soto + Tower followed up with a festival piece titled "Tangled Not Tied," which featured original sound score and lighting design by Tower.

Past Musical Director

Why do you dance?

"It makes me smile

It makes me sweat

It proves I'm real."