human spirit against these restraints. 

To prepare physically for the work we took a parkour class together, played for hours on ropes, in cardboard boxes and finally a wooden box. The result is a highly athletic, energetic dance full of idiosyncratic movement and partnering and lots of props. Our intention is to leave no one sitting passively in their seats! 

Boost Dance Festival / Seattle, WA / 2016

 Dance Festival Northwest / Centralia, WA / 2016

Seattle International Dance Festival /  2015

“Resistance” has been in process since the winter of 2014. The original inspiration for this work was The Hong Kong Umbrella Movement, a pro-democracy political movement that was born spontaneously during the Hong Kong protests of 2014. We moved beyond the constraints of this literal resistance movement, and began to explore our own experience and understanding of oppression.  The result is a montage of movements examining the different ways humans interface with restrictions to their personal freedom. We discussed and wrote about the ways in which we become complicit in our own imprisoning, the insidious ways others take control of our thoughts and behaviors, and the tenacity of the