A world of gender stereotypes and the effect on women in our culture today. A longing for a deeper understanding and conversation around traditional, gender-based expectations of behavior brought about the piece Skin. The process began with months of role-playing, examining the furthest ends of the gender spectrum, hyper-masculinity, and hyper-femininity. Looking for new vocabulary from which to draw movement material, the company invited Tango instructor Juliet McMains to teach basic tango movements and discuss the lead/follow roles.Additionally, research included Facebook photos and selfies of both men and                               women and many TED talks on gender. The result                           is a playful, sensual examination of the impact of                           gender-based perceptions and restrictions on                                 women in today's evolving society.



June 29-30, July 6-7, 2018 at 8PM 

Erickson Theatre / Seattle, WA / 2016