What We Have

"Ms. Miller has always had an excellent eye for partnerships and arrangements, and this piece is no exception."

 - Seattle Star,  Omar Wiley

Miller’s trio, What We Have, is a powerful testament to the tenacity of family. The piece is based on Miller’s own family, a blended family of three, with a child who goes back and forth between two households. The dance explores the dynamics of intimate relationships in threes, the way the addition or subtraction of one individual completely changes the dynamic until the pattern settles, and the shift occurs again.

The seeds of this work began with Chantael Duke, Jana Kincl, Emma Klein, and Janine Tiede entered the Catapult repertoire in 2013.

Chop Shop / Bellevue, WA / 2016

Modus Operandi / Seattle, WA / 2014

Boost Dance Festival / Seattle, WA / 2013